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The diode laser is a machine of extraordinary precision built with small diodes and semiconductors that all together form a beam of light. It is applied in hair removal machines with excellent results .

The diode laser is fundamentally characterized by having a longer wavelength than the other options available on the market, so that this laser penetrates the skin a little further, which is why it is especially indicated for darker skin or for more hair. thick and deep. It can also work well for lighter skin but as long as the hair is thick or medium.

Specifically, the diode laser is especially recommended for large parts of the body, such as the back or chest. Therefore, it is a type of laser especially recommended for men. If you want to get rid of those horrible hairs on your chest and back, the diode laser is made for you!


-By having a longer wavelength, it penetrates the skin better, which is why it is especially recommended for people with dark skin and thick hair.

-This longer wavelength provides a deeper and safer penetration into the skin.

-People with brown or black hair are the most benefited by this type of laser.

-It is especially indicated for large areas of the body, which allows a safe and painless treatment.


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