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Nowadays, mesotherapy without needles is also practiced, which has the benefit that it is completely painless since it is carried out through electrical impulses, ultrasonic energy or pulsed light.


In virtual mesotherapy, it is a treatments that apply medium frequencies and low modulation currents to the surface of the skin, causing micro-pores in the cell membranes, which temporarily opens them and allows the application of active substances through the skin. . This allows the therapist to replace minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that are depleted over time.

The components of this technology are four:

  • Active current: The active current promotes the best vascularization, ensuring that the largest amount of product is absorbed evenly. As a positive side effect, it can reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

  • Hydro-electroporation: Hydro-electroporation helps active substances in aqueous solutions to penetrate tissue and transport molecules across the dermal barrier.

  • Electroporation: Electroporation promotes the permeability of the cell membrane, producing transient pores in it, which facilitates the passage of substances.

  • Cryoporation: Cryoporation applies a cold temperature so that the drugs stay inside the skin cells. It also moves substances to lower layers in optimal circumstances, achieving greater reabsorption. This improves the performance of the solutions that have been managed.

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